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Honors in Physics


The description on this page of the Departmental Honors Program is taken verbatim (with minor editing) from the 2006–07 University Catalog (p. 100). For the most current information, see the Physics program entry in the current University Catalog.

In addition to the departmental requirements described below, general requirements for Departmental Honors as described in the current University Catalog (p. 43 of the 2006–07 version) must also be met.

B.S. Honors

Students must complete 45 sh of physics. In addition to the regular requirements for a B.S. in Physics students must also complete a minimum of 3 sh of either PHYS 4930 or 4950. They must also enroll in a minimum of 3 sh of PHYS 4000 spring semester of their fourth year. Research for physics 4930/4950 may be carried out either on campus or at an approved off-campus site. Students will prepare a written paper which must also be presented orally to an appropriate group. Students must submit a proposal of their intended research project for departmental approval prior to enrollment in 4930/4950.

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