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Physics and Engineering: 2006–07 Photos

Argonne Undergraduate Research Symposium

Matthew Rivera, Calvin Smythe, and Prof. Johnny Lin attended the 17th Annual Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates In Science, Engineering and Mathematics, held on November 3-4, 2006 at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Ill. We listened to presentations by undergraduates from across the Midwest about their summer research projects as well as plenary talks by scientists and science educators.

Argonne Plenary Session Chemistry Prof. C. Marvin Lang, (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point) regals the audience with a plenary address of chemistry demonstrations. We will never look at super-absorbent diapers the same way again.
Calvin and Matthew Viewing a Display Calvin (r) and Matthew (l) ponder a display on curved mirrors.
Calvin and Matthew Hanging Out Calvin (l) and Matthew (r) hanging out, with Calvin swinging a pendulum.

Classes and Faculty

These photos were taken during Fall Semester.

Taking a Test Intro to Physics students taking a test.
Jose in Phys 1310 Lindsey in Phys 1310
Josh in Phys 1310 Jason in Phys 1310
Lukas in Phys 1310 Matthew in Phys 1310
Jeff in Phys 1310
(l-r, t-b) Jose Mercado, Lindsey Smit, Josh Gelzer, Jason Christman, Lukas Dahlstrom, Matthew Rivera, and Jeff Scripter with their Phys 1310 "Ping-Pong Pentathalon" visual thinking design projects.
Group in Phys 1310 Group of students wait at the command performance of the Phys 1310 "Ping-Pong Pentathalon" visual thinking design project.
PMS Faculty 2006–07 Physical and Mathematical Sciences faculty (l-r): Linda McDonald (physics), Alice Gorguis (math), Frank DeBoer (chemistry), Alan Illif (computer science), Pete McGill (math), Rachelle Ankney (math), Johnny Lin (physics), Leona Mirza (statistics), Lee Horten (chemistry).

All photographs on this page were taken by Johnny Lin except the photograph of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences faculty which was taken by Kathryn Sinor.

The photographs on this page are highlights from the year. For the full collection of albums, see the department's albums page. Full resolution images are available in those albums, but most of those albums are password protected.

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