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Physics and Engineering: 2007–08 Photos

Visual Thinking Design Project

Fall Semester Phys 1310 students with their "Ping-Pong Pentathalon" visual thinking design projects.

Ping Pong Group 1 (l-r) Darrin Leer, Ben Sobotka, and Zech Gelzer.
Ping Pong Group 2 (l-r) Jon Sudlow, Kaj Peterson, and Jonatan Jacobsen.

Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab Students in Phys 2520 Fall Semester hard at work on their lab assignments (l-r: Lindsey Smit, Jeff Scripter, Chris Wolke, Lukas Dahlstrom, Calvin Smythe).

Motorola Guest Speaker

Scott Ng Scott Ng, Interactive Design Lead in the Consumer Experience Design department at Motorola, giving a guest lecture in Fall Semester to students in Phys 1310 on design.

Departmental Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Pre-Thanksgiving Students and faculty gathered together in November at the home of Prof. Johnny Lin for a pre-Thanksgiving potluck. Lots of great food was had by all!

All photographs on this page were taken by Johnny Lin during Fall Semester.

The photographs on this page are highlights from the year. For the full collection of albums, see the department's albums page. Full resolution images are available in those albums, but most of those albums are password protected.

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